“Trevor…makes for an endearingly grumpy guide through a Paris that is by turns mundane and magical. An elegant, character-driven family tale set in mid-’90s.” —Kirkus Reviews
“I loved the parts of his introspection as they gave clarity to my life too in some aspects. The last few pages had a shocker which turned the book, and Trevor’s outlook of his life and family....Recommended for lovers of literary fiction.”—Shalini Ayre Blog

The Indypendent

"Beautifully written, tender, evocative, and moving, The Art of Regret is a cogent reminder that risk-taking is essential to a well-lived life....No one wants to die staring down a bushel of regrets or lamenting a roster of should-haves. Both Helen and Trevor provoke us to figure out ways to make sure that we confront our demons, push boundaries and live as fully as possible. I, for one, want to thank Mary Fleming for the reminder."