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Read Her Like an Open Book : The Real Paris in The Art of Regret

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Kirkus Reviews

“Trevor…makes for an endearingly grumpy guide through a Paris that is by turns mundane and magical. An elegant, character-driven family tale set in mid-’90s.” —Kirkus Reviews

The Indypendent

"Beautifully written, tender, evocative, and moving, The Art of Regret is a cogent reminder that risk-taking is essential to a well-lived life....No one wants to die staring down a bushel of regrets or lamenting a roster of should-haves. Both Helen and Trevor provoke us to figure out ways to make sure that we confront our demons, push boundaries and live as fully as possible. I, for one, want to thank Mary Fleming for the reminder."

Beth Fish Reads

Centered on Books

“The Art of Regret leaves readers with the feeling that change is possible: challenging, yes, but possible. The reader leaves with the feeling that there doesn’t need to be an art to regret, but rather that we can remember the good and bad times alike. We can take them with us and not let them rule us. We can ease regret through right action and effort towards change. An inspiring yet wholly realistic book…”
—Centered on Books
“I loved the parts of his introspection as they gave clarity to my life too in some aspects. The last few pages had a shocker which turned the book, and Trevor’s outlook of his life and family....Recommended for lovers of literary fiction.”—Shalini Ayre Blog
This novel is beautifully penned...Hats off, two thumbs up...well you get the picture! Don’t miss it! Order it today!
—Molly J. Cover to Cover Café
If you ever wanted to live and walk the streets of Paris, not as a tourist, as someone who belongs this is the book for you. The descriptions of the side streets of Paris are vivid and likable characters with relatable problems abound. Check out this book today! — my_book_journey
This book had intrigue from the start. I love a complex character who has issues; someone who doesn’t conform or fit in and Trevor McFarquhar is complex…. If you enjoy reading about complex relationships and want to wander the backroads of Paris through the pages of a book, this could be for you.”
—The French Village Diaries

The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review

“When Fleming described certain places in various types of weather, I felt like I could almost see and smell those spots. This was a true pleasure to read.” —Davida Chazan