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Coming October 2019!

Coming October 2019!

The Art of Regret

Publisher She Writes Press

“Readers of THE ART OF REGRET will have the double pleasures of walking through the ‘real' Paris with an inside guide to its backstreets, little cafés and domestic interiors; and of the dramatic story that plays out in the American-French family of Trevor McFarquhar, the photographer and bicycle-shop man. Mary Fleming perfectly captures, with a discerning eye and an elegaic tone that somehow reminds of Galsworthy, the details, the slight disorientation, and the superior cultivation of Americans long-time resident in France.”

— Diane Johnson, author of LE DIVORCE, LE MARIAGE and L’AFFAIRE.


Someone Else

Publisher Rubicapra

“A gripping Paris coming of age story, not the usual trite tale of young would be artists groping in their wistful way into mostly wishful futures, this is rather the struggle to maturity of a grown woman who is forced to come to terms with a past which terribly reveals itself and puts the life she has made, as the American wife of a well to do Frenchman, and her own most intimate vision of herself at risk. This is an everyday Paris with which few English language readers are familiar, and the range of emotional relations with which the book deals—work, marriage, family, sex, and love young and older and old—is remarkable and heartening.”

— C.K. Williams, poet and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle